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Empower Your Marketing To Grow Sales

Multiplying The Power Of Salesforce For Non Profit And Commercial Organisations

Implement Swiftly

Why waste your resources when you can fast-track implementation?

Equip your team to use your new Salesforce® success platform confidently and competently right from the start.

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Tailor And Optimise

Are your market engagement and operational processes critically distinctive?

Increase the value of your Salesforce® investment with a customisation focused on your specific success factors.

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Extend Performance

What if your people were free to focus on the tasks that drive success?

Add effective secure seamless applications and add-on features built for you and enjoy efficient experienced support to go further.

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Effective Solutions For Corporates

Supporting corporate marketing and sales teams

Simplify administrative processes, make effective use of your resources and speed-up the achievement of corporate objectives. Contact Us


Special Benefits For Non Profits

Helping Non-Profit Organisations Help Others.

Discover our special services and the additional product features uniquely designed for NFPs, and the rebates available to NFPs .Contact Us

AAkonsult Popular Apps

Because we have designed these apps, we are ideally placed to help you integrate your new app into your process and reach outstanding outcomes. If you have the team to implement your new app, or if you are happy with your current Salesforce® consultant, they will find our manuals very easy to use.
AAkonsult apps are available from Salesforce's Appexchange®
AAkonsult has been a Salesforce® partner since 2009. We pride ourselves on helping our customers get real value from their Salesforce® CRM investment. AAkonsult is based in Melbourne VIC, Australia and have worked with more than 300 organisations.

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Registered Consulting Partner
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ISV Partner

Registered ISV Partner
Fully certified developers
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